Film/Video Time Calculator APK Download Free – Android 4.0.3+ Latest Version

FilmVideo Time Calculator APK Download Free Android 4.0.3 Latest Version
Apk Name : Film/Video Time Calculator
Version :
By :
APP ID : com.hogdex.TimeCalcFree
Requires Android : Android 4.0.3+
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Description of Film/Video Time Calculator :

Add and subtract hours, minutes, second, frames.
You can set frames per second.


This app helps you do math with time. For example you can enter:

30 minutes + 55 minutes =

and get the result:

1 hours 15 minutes


Another adding example:

4 hours 30 minutes + 5 hours 45 minutes =


10 hours 15 minutes


You can normalize a time too. For example, if you enter

72 hours =

you will get:

3 days


Lets say you have to be somewhere at 9:30 and it will take 4 hours to get there. When should you leave?

9 hours 30 minutes – 4 hours =

will tell you:

5 hours 30 minutes

or 5:30


If you have a shot that’s 100 frames and another that’s 200 frames… how long is that?

100 frames + 200 frames =

is what to enter.


You can change the number of frames per second by pressing your phone’s [Menu] button and selecting “Frames per Second”.

*Copy and Paste*

By long-pressing on results (at the top) you can copy and paste.