PCB Design Companion Pro APK Download Free – Latest Version

PCB Design Companion Pro APK Download Free Latest Version
Apk Name : PCB Design Companion Pro
Version :
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APP ID : com.ancientdevelopers.pcbdesigncompanionpro
Requires Android :
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Description of PCB Design Companion Pro :

PCB Design Companion is an app specially designed to help and assist PCB designers. This app has several important calculators that are very necessary for PCB designers in their profession. Every PCB designers must have this app as this will make your work more better and increases your time efficiency as well.
This app has four major calculators.
1. Trace width calculator computes the values of current, resistance and voltage drop etc for a trace width. It also helps you to get the required trace width for a specific current ratting and temperature.
2. PCB Via calculator makes you to know PCB via ratting like current, resistance, voltage drop and thermal resistance.
3. Spiral Inductor Calculator helps you to design Inductors on PCB. You can design square, hexagonal and octagonal inductors on your board now.
4. Trace Impedance Calculator can get trace impedance for you. We have 4 major (microstrip, embedded, stripline and dual stripline) configurations for you. So impedance calculations are on your palm now………

There is still lot more to come in next release……….
1. Materials Thermal Conductivity Table Added
2. PCB Trace Spacing Vs Voltages Table Added
3. Voltages Vs PCB Trace SpacingCalculator Added
4. Logic Gates Info Updated
5. Bug Fixed