Nuclear Submarine inc 1 APK Download Free – Android 4.1+ Latest Version

Nuclear Submarine inc 1 APK Download Free Android 4.1 Latest Version
Apk Name : Nuclear Submarine inc
Version : 1
By : Ломакин Дмитрий
APP ID : ru.DmitryLomakin.NuclearSubmarineInc
Requires Android : Android 4.1+
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Description of Nuclear Submarine inc :

Welcome to the best submarine simulator, Captain!

Nuclear Submarine inc will teach you the basics of managing a submarine and a nuclear reactor on it! You expect great difficulties: the depth, rocks, nuclear accidents on the nuclear reactor can arrange a second Chernobyl!
The nuclear submarine can become an atomic bomb in the event of a nuclear reactor accident and destroy an entire city with a nuclear explosion!

The submarine simulator is very interesting and detailed – more than 10 improvements are waiting for you.
New hulls will allow a nuclear submarine to sink to incredible depths!
Diesel engines, Stirling, Nuclear reactors will allow you to swim far and fast!
A stock of oxygen, batteries, fuel, a pump, a sonar, an air regenerator – all this will have to be used to give the nuclear submarine a chance to survive!

At a depth, a nuclear submarine can start to flood – use pumps and a repair team to survive!

Nuclear Submarine inc is not just a simulator of an atomic submarine. This is the most detailed and realistic submarine simulator on mobile platforms. Check and write, if you do not agree!


– Detailed submarine system!
– 11 improvements!
– A plausible immersion simulator.
– 4 languages

A good voyage, Captain!
Improved languages. Added the ability to switch between sonars during the game. Added the ability to control engine power, from the third engine.